Global No.1 Hacking Competition

Important Date

Final Round

Imptant Date

Date September 3rd(Thu) am 10:00 - 4th(Fri) am 10:00, 2020 (24hours, KST / UTC+09:00)
Final Round Online Competition

10 teams (group event)

- Top 10 ranked teams of preliminary round will go on to the final match

Match Method Jeopardy
Questions High-Level questions which reflected the recent hacking cases

1st(ZEROONE HEART) Prize money 30,000,000KRW

2nd(ZEROONE BRAIN) Prize money 10,000,000KRW

3rd(ZEROONE EYE) Prize money 5,000,000KRW


Imptant Date

  Team Name Score Nation
1 PPP 9579 United States
2 Balsn 7678 Taiwan
3 More Smoked Leet Chichken 7008 Russian Federation
4 TokyoWesterns 6868 Japan
5 0ops 6166 China
6 ROK 6118 Korea, South
7 The Duck 6118 Korea, South
8 CodeRed 5567 Korea, South
9 Redbud 5524 China
10 ****** 5416 China
  • ① Qualification f participation
    • - The number of participants in final: 4 members at maximum
    • - The identical team is restricted to participate again, in the final contest in general university departments.
  • ② Final Qualifying
    • - Top 10th ranked teams of preliminary round will go on to the final match
    • - The final team is supposed to submit the question solving rept within a week, after the result announcement of preliminary contest,
           the submitted rept will be notified through website.
  • ③ Rule on site
    • - It is possible to nullify the entire procedures which were done without valid certification in the contest server.
    • - The entire team team members who have certified the key value through an inappropriate sharing with people besides the final contest
           participants will be disqualified, regardless of the contest results.
    • - If the improper behavior is caught, qualification for participation will be stripped away by the authority and decision of the contest
          operation management. And the person concerned will also be deprived of the qualification for participation for 3 years later
          in the CODEGATE


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